Wednesday, 16 January 2013


Friends are the people with whom we even share our joy,grief,happiness and many countless things. Close friends are the ones we tell our deepest thoughts and memories we dare not to tell the outside world. We meet a lot of people throughout our life, many remain as acquaintances,some of them will be our friends and the remaining irrelevant. Irrespective of many friends we have, two persons who leave a definite impact in our life and remain the most trusted friends are our parents. In the western countries once the child enters into his/her teenage, parents are far more straight forward and openly discuss matter pertaining to relationships, girlfriend/boyfriend, sex and give an advice in while making friends with the opposite sex. 

The reason for writing about the parent children relationship is the alarming rate at which atrocities being committed on women and young children all over the country. Generally if a person commits a heinous crime then the blame shifts onto his parents and the callous attitude in which he was brought in the society. It is the responsibility of the parents to talk to their wards and explain them in demeanor and etiquette which have to be followed in the society. Discussions relating to sex,relationship are still viewed as morally unethical. This kind of pervert mindset is prevalent even among many well-settled families in urban areas.

Many citizens across the country grieved for the survival of Nirbhaya the Delhi gang-rape victim albeit she lost in her battle to survive after a valiant fight on the hospital bed. Many protestors in a fit of emotion have been asking for capital punishment/castration to the culprits but they hardly realize that their contribution in training their children to make them a responsible citizen of the country is abysmal. Change will only happen when the children are taught right from the childhood about the way to behave with the opposite sex and the acts of teasing/assault/molestation which are shown in movies as a credo of machismo are immoral,illegal and sinister acts