Tuesday, 24 January 2012


We all hear stories about police being the goon in the uniform, about the injustice served by them, about the abuse of power, about corruption in the form of bribes taken by them. Here is a story depicting a positive image of the police of our country.


On 2nd February 2010, due to a short circuit, fire erupted in a local Hospital in Hyderabad. Fire broke out in the fourth floor of the Park Hospital and soon started spreading throughout. As flames spread all of a sudden, there was confusion all round sending everyone into a state of panic. Hospital staff, patients and their attendants were screaming for help through the windows.There were around 170 people including 20 doctors and nurses  ensnared inside the hospital.

 People climbed to top floor as the exit door in the 4th floor too was burning in fire. In fact some of them jumped  from the building unable to bear the suffocation. Some of the patients were not in a condition to move while some others were in anesthesia. At this time the Police as if God send, swung into action in an effort to rescue them.

At that time Stephen Ravindra IPS of the Andhra Pradesh cadre, posted as the Chief Security Officer of the Chief Minister received an sms from the local Inspector that a fire broke out in the hospital. He immediately rushed to the spot 
leaving the convoy of the Chief Minister.The fire brigade couldn't reach the spot in time and hence he along with Inspector Malla Reddy and 3 other constables entered the hospital even though the fire was blazing. These 5 cops entered the second floor of the hospital by scaling the drainage pipe, broke the windowpanes and rescued patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).Later when the fire engine arrived the Police used the engine ladder to bring the patients out of the building.The only casualties were two nurses and a patient who died from suffocation. Around 40 people including few doctors an nurses suffered minor injuries and burns.

Timely action from the part of the police helped in avoiding a major catastrophe. At a time when even the fire services personnel were finding it difficult to enter the premises with thick smoke engulfing all the floors, the police officers had the audacity to enter the hospital.A few other patients locked themselves in their respective rooms and refused to open the doors out of overriding fear.some patients hid beneath their beds fearing that there was a terrorist attack. They relented only after much persuasion by the police. The khakis outside made such a meticulous plan that a separate police team cordoned-off the place outside the hospital to facilitate free movement of ambulances and fire tenders. Pitch darkness, billowing smoke and flames nearby could not stand as obstacles for these brave men.

Later the 5 Officers were awarded the Prime Minister's medal for showing exemplary courage.