Thursday, 27 June 2013


The great scripture of Mahabharat gives an insight into how a person even if he is the epitome of Truth and Righteousness can lose his frame of mind if he involves in gambling. The game of dice blurred the wisdom of Yudhistir and ensnarled him to put everything at stake including his siblings and also his consort Draupadi. Consequently the Pandavas had to face many catastrophic and exhausting events in the years to follow.

                                                       In India gambling along with alcohol has created havoc in many families for many centuries. Even if one member of the family gets addicted, it results in desolation and ruination of the entire family. Betting in India is illegal except for horse racing which is famous among elite politicians and the corporate world, but this time it’s the turn of the gentleman’s game.

                                                      The Delhi Police have exposed a huge racket of betting and bribing, with its roots in the underworld and revealed that the players had been in agreement with the bookies to underperform in the Indian Premier League matches so that the bets could be won. In fact the bookies had been dictating the players.Once again its the viewers who have ardor towards cricket and faith in the players who have been cheated. The police suspect it to be a tip of the ice-berg. Suspected players S Sreesanth,Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila have been arrested and after a police custody are now out on parole. The Indian Media had been badgering N.Srinivasan, then President of the BCCI until he had resigned from the post, holding him accountable for the misdeeds of his son-in-law who owns a cricket team in the IPL, for his alleged involvement in placing huge bets on his own team through a Bollywood actor.

Leaving the board president resignation and the arrest of the players aside, we need to introspect as how easily and without a hitch has the menace of gambling penetrated into a normal middle-class citizen life. Many educated Indians are placing bets despite knowing the fact that its illegal. Nevertheless its extremely annoying to see many of them taking a sanctimonious position when berating the accused players for their involvement in the despicable acts. Nowadays it has been a vogue to gamble along with friends or it is considered as a blotch to their social status. This plague has spread its contagious effects from employees in various fields to University and high school students. In fact students probably of age 12 are also aware of gambling in their school and local areas. The parents are not aware of these acts by their children as they often go unspotted. Recently an engineering student in Hyderabad had committed suicide as he lost 4 lakhs of his father’s money in gambling during IPL matches. Although the police have been doing a laudable job in sabotaging many of these illegal betting centres strict action against the punters has fallen short of. Also a strict law to punish all those who involve in gambling is imperative in these circumstances.

                                                       People often desire to earn money by dubious means in a short period and gambling fits the description exactly as it entices them to earn twice the amount they have invested in just a day. An effective way to stop young people from gambling is to inculcate a habit of investing in stocks right from childhood. Middle class citizens often spend half of their income for their children's education but never do they acquaint them to the stock market. On the contrary many parents give a discouraging views on the stock market and delude them into a belief that investing in stock market is similar to that of gambling. If the investment are done without any analysis or by the advice of a news channel or by the advice of a friend it would often lead to disastrous results and it would be nothing but gambling. Nonetheless if proper homework is done with some fair analysis good results do follow. Inculcating the habit of investment,thrift and effective utilization of financial resources is necessary to be induced in a child right from the age of 12. Although there has been a change in the past 10 years and the number of people investing in stocks has increased the numbers are still pretty low. "Money can be earned but wealth has to be created."

                                                       To sum up its the choice that we make in our dream of creating wealth. Either we take the option of stocks which with good analysis can give a solid money over a larger period of time or the filthy and dubious option of gambling which can give high sums in shorter period of time with a very high tendency to lead to bankruptcy.